After 20 years of dairy nutrition and management consulting for dairy farms in North America, Mario and Sandra Daccarett, owners of Dairy Consulting Services of California, felt they wanted to add on something different.

They realized their children were getting older and their interests were not necessarily to become Dairy Nutritionists.  They wanted a company that would include them from the start.  Regardless of the careers they chose, this company would unite their different talents and allow them to work together. 

Golden Valley Farm
23865 Road 24, Chowchilla, CA, 93610
(559) 696-0655 or (559) 395-5182

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In 2010, Golden Valley Farm, the first and only sheep dairy in the San Joaquin Valley, was created.

Currently Golden Valley Farm is home to over 600 sheep; with plans of expanding that number every year.

In addition to our sheep, we have Black Angus cows, horses, llamas, free range chickens, turkeys, ducks, and an Emu.  Our animals are raised in a clean and beautiful environment.  Their well being is very important to us.

For inquiries or appointments, please call Mario Daccarett at (559) 696-0655.

Artisan cheese is a craft that dates back hundreds of years and sadly, many people are unaware of this today.